Why I chose to be a Chiropractor.

Posted By irvinechiro / Date Posted: 2015-04-13

I often get asked this question so I thought what better way to start my blog than to give my response.

I was one of the less fortunate of sports people in that I had many injuries that plagued my playing and competing days. I was always given Physiotherapy treatment as part of my contract with sports teams so naturally I saw the benefits of Physio treatments. However it was when I injured my lower back that I first sought out the services of a Chiropractor. Like many people I am sure my mother was a little worried about the thought of her little boy at age 11 seeing a Chiro to get my back “cracked”. Well I can safely say that it took all of about 1 hr to have my initial treatment and get my first adjustment to be sold on the benefits of Chiropractic. I walked out of the office after a thorough treatment and I could walk straight again. I am still great mates with my first Chiropractor's and I still get adjusted by them regularly. There is a certain trust between a patient and practitioner that develops in those first few treatments and I am forever grateful for being shown this path in life. 

Throughout my teenage years and into my early 20’s my path towards Chiropractic strengthened as injury after injury resolved with the healing effects of Chiropractic treatments. I realised the benefits can reach far beyond simple back and neck pain as most would assume. My treatments ranged from ankle sprains, disc injuries and knee cartilage injuries through to elbow sprains, wrist pain and groin pain. All of which benefited greatly from Chiropractic treatments.

I hope you can already see why I chose to be a Chiropractor but in a nut shell this is why. Someone once told me that the secret to success is to find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. I love Chiropractic and I love my job and the best part is that I now get to provide the same great results I received everyday in the clinic. I know this is what I was born to do and I look forward to helping as many people as I can throughout my career. 

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