Why Sports Chiropractic?

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What separates Sports Chiropractors from the rest?

There are many different types of Chiropractor’s and if you have seen a Chiropractor before then chances are you have an idea of what we do. Some Chiro’s just crack backs and necks, some use little instruments to ‘try’ and move a vertebra and stimulate the nervous system enough to make changes. Others dangle potions over your body and harness your inner being to help you heal. Most of these Chiropractor’s r... Read More

Why I chose to be a Chiropractor.

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I often get asked this question so I thought what better way to start my blog than to give my response.

I was one of the less fortunate of sports people in that I had many injuries that plagued my playing and competing days. I was always given Physiotherapy treatment as part of my contract with sports teams so naturally I saw the benefits of Physio treatments. However it was when I injured my lower back that... Read More

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