How to take the stress of your arthritic joints.

Posted By irvinechiro / Date Posted: 2016-01-25

How to take the stress off your arthritis joints-

Much has been said about supplementation in the treatment of Osteoarthritis, however the research surrounding this is not of great quality. There are upwards of 21 studies that show no benefit of clinical significance over placebo by supplementing with Fish Oil/ glucosamine and chondroitin. Many hundreds of dollars a year can be saved if we substitute these supplements with some other options.

So do we just give up and put up with the pain?

That’s not what I am saying. There are 3 major things you can do to achieve the level of pain relief you’re after.

1. Exercise- There is great evidence supporting the use of exercise in the treatment of pain related to osteoarthritis. The most beneficial is non weight bearing exercise for example, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga and pilates. All of these forms of exercise keep our joints moving without placing extra stress on them.

Is that it? Its not as simple as going for a walk and all of a sudden you have no pain however 5 of 7 high strength clinical studies found significant benefit of these forms of exercise for pain relief. Further to this it is my belief that light resistance exercise performed correctly can be of added benefit. The stress put through our joints by performing resistance exercise helps to maintain the proper range of motion of our joints, strengthens our supporting muscles and not to mention the possible benefits of weight loss.

2. Lose weight-The benefits of losing weight on joint pain are remarkable.

Studies have shown that each pound of weight loss can reduce the knee-joint load by four pounds. Lose just 10 pounds, and that’s 40 fewer pounds per step your knees have to support. That might not sound like much, but the results add up quickly. Less pressure means less wear and tear on the knees, thus lowering the risk of OA or its progression.

Reduces inflammation in the body. For years, OA was considered a wear-and-tear disease resulting from prolonged excess pressure on the joints, particularly the knees, which in turn caused inflammation. But recent research suggests that inflammation is a key OA risk factor, rather than a consequence. Being overweight may increase inflammation in the body that can lead to joint pain. One study found that overeating triggers the body’s immune response, which increases inflammation, and that losing weight can reduce this inflammatory response. Another study suggests that just a 10 percent reduction in weight can significantly lower inflammation in the body. Even a small amount of weight can be beneficial. For overweight women, every 11 pounds of weight loss can reduce the risk of knee OA by more than 50 percent. Obese men who drop into the overweight category (BMI below 30) and overweight men who drop into the normal weight category (BMI below 26) can reduce their risk of knee OA by 21.5 percent.

3. See your local sports Chiropractor- A supervised exercise program aimed at improving strength, balance and flexibility has high level evidence showing this is effective in alleviating pain from Osteoarthritis.

As you can see there are other options than blindly taking fish oil or whatever other supplements there may be on the market for this ailment.

It takes some time to take these steps but the benefits are there if you want to put in the effort.

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