What's all the buzz about?

Posted By irvinechiro / Date Posted: 2016-11-14

What’s all the buzz about?

When guys like Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan and Ben Greenfield are talking about something, I stand up and listen. These guys are some of the smartest guys around. On the home front there are some leaders in health and fitness and when they start talking about something too then I really open my ears. So what are these guys talking about that so many people have never heard of unless you have a science degree or better?


Not to be confused with it’s ugly step cousin in Ketoacidosis which is a potentially lethal condition. No, Ketosis is a condition in which our body flicks the switch from burning glucose as a fuel and turns to fats. When this happens our body produces Ketones.

Everyone can benefit from Ketones. Everyone has experienced periods of utilising ketones through necessity or cultural practice. When you fast (stop eating) the reason you don’t die (after 7 days) is because your body starts to produce ketones to run the brain, heart and muscles rather than glucose.

If you didn’t have this system you would be dead.

Not ever utilising this system can also lead to a life less well lived.

So why are these guys so keen on Ketosis all of a sudden? Well firstly it’s not all of a sudden. The possible health benefits of ketosis aren’t new news. Early studies into Ketosis looked at the benefits of ketosis on brain health. Other studies have looked at its effects on performance.

The list of possible benefits include-

- Improved focus and concentration

- Decreased body fat

- Improved performance

- Decreased appetite and an anti- catabolic effect meaning you can hold onto precious muscle while getting lean.

All of these benefits and more have been great to think about but never readily achievable without a severely restricted Nutritional plan eating as much as 85% fat and little to no carbohydrates. That is until now. Recently we have been able to access ketones in supplement form, meaning we can now access these benefits without as much heart ache. Of course I am a huge believer in making long lasting lifestyle changes including changes to diet to include whole foods, good fats and quality sources of protein but this might be the key to reaching goals that previously weren’t reachable.

The proof will be in the proverbial pudding. At the moment I am trialling this supplement and can’t wait to see how it can change my health for the better and I’ll be sure to share my progress.

Like any diet or supplement you need to consider your individual needs and if necessary talk to your doctor before making any changes.

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